5 Reasons Fall Weather is Actually Great for Your Skin


As the days grow cooler and shorter, you may bemoan the end of summer vacations and spur-of-the-moment beach trips. Fall is upon you, and that means the heat is subsiding. But if you're dreading the chill, keep in mind that there are upsides to this transitional season. In fact, while many think of cooler months as being trouble for skin, there are actually several ways this cool-down can benefit your complexion. From preventing acne to fighting signs of aging, this season is giving your face a boost that you may not even realize. Find out more about how fall weather is helping your skin stay healthy!

1. So Long, Clogged Pores

That feeling of cool air hitting your face isn't just refreshing - it's also clearing your skin. The cooler fall temperatures have an astringent effect that makes pores less visible and less prone to trapping dirt. This creates a clearer, more even complexion that you may have a hard time achieving during those hot summer days. So embrace that chilly wind and know that your skin will look smoother for it.

2. Sunburned No More

While it's still possible to get a sunburn during the fall, the autumn months give you less direct sunlight, so your skin is far less prone to sun damage. You should still wear sunscreen throughout the year for a preventative measure, but you needn't worry quite so much about sunburn, sunspot, and premature aging that UV rays are known to cause. Your skin needs a break from the sun, and the fall transition is the perfect time to get it.

3. Get a Break from Breakouts

Nothing feels nicer than a cool shower after a hot, sweaty day in the sun. And sweating isn't all bad - it's how your body keeps cool. But sweat and oil are prime factors in skin breakouts, meaning that if you're acne-prone, summertime is probably not your favorite season. Though sweat itself doesn't cause breakouts, it can exacerbate symptoms if you already struggle with acne. Keeping your skin clean, cool and oil-free is one of the best ways to maintain your complexion, and autumn air can certainly help you with that.

4. Allergens Are Out for the Year

That ragweed that made you sneeze all spring and summer? Well, it's not just irritating your lungs - it's wreaking havoc on your skin, too. Airborne allergens are one huge downside to the warmer months, as their bothersome effects can show in a puffy or flaky complexion. But as fall comes along, those allergens die down as plants go dormant for the winter, so your skin can go back to its natural, irritant-free state.

5. Tighten and Rejuvenate

If you've ever experienced that brisk, tightening feeling that your skin gets after a splash of cold water, you've probably noticed a similar sensation when stepping into the cool autumn air. Just as cooler temperatures tend to slow down other natural processes, this drop also slows down the effects of aging. The slight chill can also brighten your face and give you a radiant glow. So you're preserving and invigorating your skin just by spending time in the cool weather!

Don't spend the autumn months missing summertime... embrace the weather for what it is and enjoy its skin-healthy benefits!

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