Get the Look: Naturally Glowing Skin


A Glowing Complexion - Elemental Beauty at Your Fingertips

Soft.Vibrant.Dewy.Glowing. These are probably words the average woman isn't readily able to attribute to her complexion on a day-to-day basis. Living in a busy world, your skin can begin to show signs of stress, whether it's from the elements, a lack of sleep or a polluted environment. Luckily, science and nature have been joined to combat these aging factors and make it possible to have a natural glow regardless of external influences.

Nature at Work

The most effective beauty ingredients aren't synthesized in a lab from a long list of indecipherable petro-chemicals -- they're derived from the Earth and her incredibly nourishing and healing resources. For example, Dead Sea elements have been scientifically proven time and again to bring about remarkable positive changes in even the most unruly skin and health conditions. They help balance, repair and revitalize tired or stressed skin, providing support and nourishment from the outside in.

Making It Yours

You may feel like you don't have the time to pursue a new skin care regimen -- and that's the beauty of taking advantage of the gifts of elemental beauty. In the same time (or even less!) that you spend on your current beauty regimen, you can embrace your skin's natural radiance, rather than depending on synthetic products to give the false glow of health. Using refractive elements such as diamonds (yes, real diamonds), even the most tired or sallow complexion can find a brightening pick-me-up.

Although everyone's skin has different requirements, there are a number of things that should be common across all skin care routines. Here is a great start to embracing the benefits of Dead Sea elements to achieve dewy, glowing skin. Naturally.


1. Cleanse and Purify


Your skin wants to be clean. When it's clean it can breathe and function optimally. A gentle cleansing regimen using products formulated to retain moisture and improve skin appearance can become your best friend. The ability to strip away makeup and environmental impurities whilst leaving your skin's natural oils and moisture in place makes a good cleanser or mask worth its weight in gold. This doesn't just hold true for your face -- your whole body deserves a nourishing and gentle product that will preserve its natural balance while detoxifying.


2. Moisturize


Just as you appreciate a cool, tall glass of water when you're thirsty, your skin, too, requires adequate hydration. Certain Dead Sea elements are prized for their humectant properties, actually drawing and holding moisture. The added benefits of refractive minerals will ensure a day of dewy, glowing beauty.

While we're talking moisture, who doesn't love that "fresh from the spa" look and feel all over? Products formulated to moisturize and nourish at the same time should always be amongst your body care products. Dry Oil Body Mists provide both a brilliant glow and a smooth, non-greasy feel that makes them perfect to transition from day to night.


3. Protect


The sun and elements aren't the only culprits when it comes to UV and other skin damage. Indoor fluorescent lights and dry air conditioning can really take their toll. Keeping up with a good UV protection regimen can help prevent those innocent tiny lines from becoming a bigger problem in the future. Pairing a sunscreen with a moisturizer that meets your skin's needs will only double the protection you will receive from your efforts. Naturally derived UV protection ingredients not only keep the harmful rays from damaging your delicate skin -- they also help nourish and provide an added layer of protection from all of the elements.

Beautiful, dewy skin can be yours! Reap the benefits of all that Nature has to offer and enjoy the lasting rewards of elemental beauty at its best.

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