Celebrities and other famous women are often lauded for their beauty, but the truth is that they have flaws like the rest of us. No one is immune from blotchiness, dry skin and blemishes, even if they aren't discussed widely by women in the spotlight. However, a handful of celebrity ladies have opened up about their struggles, revealing that beauty is found in real, honest women - not Photoshopped illusions. Here are some A-list ladies who you would never have suspected had skin issues.

LeAnn Rimes

This country star has dealt with severe psoriasis since she was only a toddler. Rimes has frequent flare-ups due to her busy and often-stressful touring life, which only perpetuates the red, patchy cycle. LeAnn has learned to cope with her condition by utilizing both creams and medications, but largely by managing stress, which is a huge psoriasis trigger. She carves out plenty of time to relax, meditate and otherwise take a break from the stressors that can lead to a breakout.

Renee Zellweger

Those rosy cheeks aren't from blush - Renee Zellweger actually suffers from rosacea, a condition which causes redness on the cheeks, nose, forehead and/or chin. While not a dangerous problem, it can certainly be a confidence killer and an annoyance. It's not known for sure what Ms. Zellweger uses to cope with her skin trouble, but the best way to deal with rosacea is treating the skin with products designed for sensitive complexions, like Clineral SkinPro Calming Facial Moisturizer.

Cameron Diaz

Beloved for her charm and sense of humor along with her stunning good looks, Cameron Diaz hasn't always been the confident ball of fire that she is now. She struggled with severe acne starting in her teen years, which she attempted to cover with makeup and heal with creams and medications. The problem didn't really go away for her until she started focusing on cutting out greasy food and eating a healthy diet. Now her complexion has cleared significantly, and her health certainly thanks her for it too. You go, girl!

Kate Middleton

The gorgeous and much-admired Duchess of Cambridge is no stranger to skin woes, as she has suffered from eczema since childhood. Kate's flare-ups caused tell-tale itchy patches that were apparently so noticeable that she was bullied for them. Eczema is an incredibly frustrating condition, as it never really goes away and, in particularly bad cases, requires constant attention to keep breakouts at a minimum. This is another circumstance where a sensitive-skin moisturizer is a must-have, as it can prevent skin from drying out and causing itching or cracking.

Brooke Burke

TV personality Brooke Burke has a unique skin problem that you may not have heard of. Brooke deals with melasma, which also goes by the name "mask of pregnancy." Melasma causes dark discolorations on the skin brought on by hormonal changes during pregnancy. In many cases, melasma simply disappears after a pregnancy ends, but in Brooke's case it didn't, leading her to try a variety of laser treatments, chemical peels and other methods to eliminate the problem. There are also topical creams which are designed to fade out those pesky spots and bring out a brighter complexion.

Katy Perry

Another longtime acne sufferer is pop diva Katy Perry, who has dealt with this burden since she was a teen and even has scars that tell of her struggle. Perry has noted that her skin started breaking out the most when she started her career, as the stress led to more and more blemishes popping up. Though her acne now appears to be pretty minor, every woman can sympathize with the anxiety that an imperfect complexion can cause!

Nobody's perfect, and these stars have the guts to talk about it. Let's all take a minute and celebrate our unique, natural beauty - both inside and out!